Daily Protein Nutrii Malt

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When it comes to increasing protein intake, most of us resort to the easiest way, which is store-bought protein powders. Although, there are many health benefits of protein powder; but who knows what goes inside these products. Moreover, there are many taste-enhancers and artificial preservatives that are added in these store-bought protein powder and bars, which are, of course, not good for our health. But, fret not! We have come up with daily pprotein mix which are completely homemade, with all natural foods, which can naturally give a protein spike to your and little one’s diet. So, all moms out there, what are you waiting for? It’s time to don the chef’s hat and prepare some healthy protein-rich drinks with our homemade daily protein nutrii malt.. .

Whats inside 
Oats, Pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, peanut, almond, Barley, cardamom .
Why mom loves NutriiBowl .
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ .
👌 *Completely homemade* .
👌 *Made using handpicked ingredients*
👌 *NO Preservatives , NO SUGAR, No added color
👌 *Can be customized*
👌 *Almost all the ingredients are sprouted*
. 👌 *Grandma is the creator of “Nutrii Bowl” products *
❤️ ❤️ We don’t keep ready stock. We prepare only when the order is placed so it reaches you with the maximum freshness. We also want best for your babies. All our products are prepares at our home kitchen not in factory ❤️❤
❤ A little start for little ones for a little change .
️ 🍁 Any other queries/ buying options 🍁 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ .
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